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Author CiCelia Jackson

“Once an aspiring author, but now an established poet and climbing the ranks of entrepreneurship….my passion is creativity in writing. Expressing myself through words has always been my niche since the years deemed elementary and I embrace it still. Why did I start writing?


I needed a way to express myself so I sought out an invisible world of unbiased listeners. Although when I first began writing, very few were entrusted to read my expressions; I felt relieved when able to place pen to pad and give of myself in word without consequence or judgment.


However, with time, my desire to share my thoughts and my passion for writing began to expound with the growing interactions I had with others. As a result, I’ve had the honor in being rewarded for my writing through various contest entries and even having a poem signed by Gwendolyn Brooks herself.


My dreams and aspirations encompass four facets of passion: spiritual, emotional, mental and physical. Without spiritual goals, many have no substance and no life.


By maintaining myself spiritually, the reality of Living My Life joyously is no longer a dream; the reality of Sharing My Life richly is no longer a dream; the reality of Expressing My Life freely is no longer a dream. By means of mere expression, I desire to impart whatever the reader may be needing at that time to one day fulfill their own dreams and aspirations and to embrace their own passion.


Everyone may be reading the same book, but very few choose to write their continue living your life, but don't be afraid to stand out as different. Be Bold, Be Love, Be Life."

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Expression's Embrace Volume 1

From Roses To Sparrows

This volume is the 1st of 4 in the Expression’s Embrace poetry series. From Roses to Sparrows is a collection of expressions geared towards women of all ages, Queens and Princesses, but specifically written to give our blooming youth of little women something to ponder upon during their life’s journeys. It is also meant to speak to mature women to embrace the treasured privilege held in teaching them, thereby being dedicated to the integral communication between older women (Roses) and young ladies (Sparrows).

From Roses to Sparrows incites self expression, inspires, encourages, comforts, makes you laugh and smile…or just gives you something to think about. “We, each of us, are someone’s Rose and/or Sparrow and, at times, I think we need to be reminded of such.”

"Expression's Embrace Volume 1 official END-OF-YEAR sale for From Roses to Sparrows of the Expression's Embrace Series - Books of Poetry. 25% OFF from the original price of $16.95 November 1st through December 31st. Also every copy ordered during this sale, will be personally signed."

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